1trammFive people are confirmed dead after a tram derailed in south London, police have said.

Emergency services initially said five were trapped but the fire service said several have now been freed. London Ambulance Service, meanwhile, said 50 people have been taken to hospital so far.  The driver of the tram has been arrested.

Asst Chief Constable Robin Smith of British Transport Police said in a statement: “Together we are currently working to free two people still trapped A number of people have been taken to hospital with injuries and, sadly, we can say there has been some loss of life. “It is too early for us to confirm numbers but we are working hard to assess the ongoing incident and are continuing to focus on our recovery efforts.”

The incident, which involved a vehicle with two carriages, occurred in a tunnel, Transport for London said. The derailment is understood to have occurred close to where the east-bound tram takes a sharp left turn as it starts to head north towards the Addiscombe stop.