London Fire Tragedy: 15 Little Children From SAME Nursery Missing In Tower Block Blaze

Fifteen children from a single nursery are feared to have perished in the Grenfell Tower inferno.  Based on the ground floor of the block, Grenfell Nursery is preparing to face the worst.

Ish Murray’s sister works at the childcare centre and told him at least 15 of the children, aged between six months and four years old, were missing last night. He added: “Lots of the kids live in the block with their parents. My sister has told me that 15 are missing.”

Nursery manager Shirley Sylvester confirmed tots were unaccounted for. She said: “Lots of children who go here live in the block. We are not coping very well to be honest. They are our local families.” Whole families are thought to have died in the council block as police confirmed yesterday the death toll had reached 30, before warning they expected that figure to rise.

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