Little Girl “Nearly Decapitated” By “Stupid Prank” In Park

The parents of a little girl who was thrown from her bike after a wire caught her neck have said they are “livid.”

Lilly has said she is too scared to ride her bike again

Lilly has said she is too scared to ride her bike again after she rode into a wire stretched across this path

Lilly Bailey-Deacon, who is six years-old, was enjoying a cycle ride in the park with her grandparents, when she rode straight into a wire that had been deliberately strung up across the path. The wire, which was about 3ft off the ground, caught little Lilly right across the neck, flinging her from her bike. The wire had been fastened to a railing and the stretched 8ft across the path and tied off on a bench.

Lilly was left with cuts and bruising to her neck; as well as being badly shaken, she is now too scared to get back on her bicycle after the incident on Titchfield Common in Hampshire.

Lilly’s father, 29 year-old Bradley Deacon, is furious: “I was livid. When you get a call to say your daughter has nearly been decapitated by some stupid idiot, you’re bound to be upset. I can’t believe someone could do something so stupid. I understand kids play pranks but stringing up a wire is dangerous.”

Lilly had been with her grandparents, Colin and Kay Deacon, to look at the animals in a pet shop and the trio were making their way home through the park; the sun was shining and Lilly and her grandparents did not see the cable until it was too late. Colin Deacon, Lilly’s grandfather said: “Lilly went off on her bike laughing and giggling, but as she turned a corner I could suddenly hear tears. I thought ‘oh God, she’s come off her bike’ but to our horror, it was even worse. She had ridden into a cable. She was in a lot of pain and there’s now a mark around her neck. Stringing up a wire cable you can’t see is disgusting. This was not a prank, it was a serious attempt to hurt someone for fun. That’s unacceptable.”

Speaking of the terrifying experience, Lilly said: “It was scary. It got me by the neck, it hurt. It could have cut someone’s head off. It was horrible.” Two teenage boys who were challenged about the wire, which was a brake cable from a BMX bike, left the park when the police were called. The police are now investigating the incident.

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