Little Boy’s “Last Kiss Goodbye” To His Mummy Just Moments Before She Dies

A little boy had to give his mum a ‘last kiss goodbye’ in hospital after she suffered “catastrophic brain damage” – and her premature baby was delivered by emergency C-section. The heartbreaking photograph of 17-month-old JB kissing mum Imogen has been shared to highlight the family’s unimaginable tragedy.

Imogen Petrak, from the Gold Coast in Australia, was 36 weeks pregnant when she checked into hospital on Friday with an ear infection. Family friend Renee King said that the ear infection – a suspected strain of bacterial meningococcal, somehow travelled to her brain and caused severe swelling. Doctors carried out an emergency Caesarean section to save her unborn child, but Imogen suffered “catastrophic” brain damage and died later in hospital.

Her devastated husband, John, wrote shared the photograph of JB and Imogen with the caption “last kiss goodbye”on Facebook: “Today was a very bitter sweet day. At 12.11am Eleanor Lilian Joy, my first daughter and second child was born via emergency Caeser. Then some time after 5pm, my beautiful wife of three years died from a complication of an ear infection. She is so beautiful, she has Imogen’s lips, ears, hair. I miss my wife so much.”

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