Little Boy Dies After “Being Run Over At Least Twice” In Hotel Car Park

A young boy has died after allegedly being “hit twice” by a car in a hotel car park. Dozens of police officers have been seen outside an Ibis hotel on Thursday evening following reports of a “baby being hit by a car”. At least three ambulances and 15 police cars were on the scene.

Andy Williamson, a witness, said: “All I know is someone, reportedly a young child, was hit at least twice by a car in the car park. A woman was shouting hysterically and a child/children were screaming and crying.” Another witness, Jose Maria Agudo Mac‏, said: “I was passing by with my girlfriend and we saw a lot of police arriving at the hotel. After that my girlfriend saw a woman with blood on her body.”

Alec Turton said: ‘It was absolutely horrible. The sounds of the screaming from the people stood around the vehicle was blood curdling. Two ladies in particular where screaming and wailing. It was so incredibly horrible to hear and witness.” One person said on Twitter: ‘Apparently a 17 month old boy was ran over by a black vehicle.”

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