Liam Payne Reveals Adorable Nickname For Baby Son Bear – Opens Up On Parenthood With Cheryl

Proud dad Liam Payne has revealed baby son Bear has been given a nickname. The One Direction star met fans in America for a Q&A this week and immediately opened up on “making a human” with girlfriend Cheryl.

Fans shared snippets of his conversation from backstage at B96 Radio Station in Chicago. After appearing on the show, Liam was interviewed by a few members of the audience, with one adding a running commentary on Twitter. “Here’s my experience with Liam Payne,” she wrote.

She went on: “He made a human! His exact words: I made a human. I helped. She did the most **insert noise** only mothers would understand. He pointed to a mom, made the noise and said ‘you understand’”. Fans then went on to claim Liam revealed his adorable nickname for Bear is Cub. One fan wrote: “He said his proudest moment was bear and said at first he called him cub a lot.”

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