Lee Rigby’s Family Plunged Into Fresh Heartbreak After Horrific Few Months

Lyn Rigby, 50, mum of murdered soldier Lee revealed she had a breakdown after the Manchester bomb and husband Ian left work to care for her and girls Courtney, 16, and Amy, 12. It left them broke and on the verge of relying on a food bank. Lyn revealed: “I was in absolute crisis and didn’t know what to do.

“The Manchester murders hit me and my family really hard. It’s our home city and was on the same day as the fourth anniversary of Lee’s murder. The slaughter of so many young people — children Courtney and Amy’s ages — absolutely floored me and made me break down all over again. Ian had to take time out for me but it meant his wages were vastly reduced. Money coming in wasn’t enough to cover bills.

“I didn’t know who to turn to, how I was going to put food on the table or stop my daughters from going hungry. Things spiralled out of control quickly. The stress and pressure made Ian sick again. He’s still recovering from a heart attack brought on by the stress of Lee’s murder. We were totally out of our depth.” Some of Lyn’s friends, Lee’s old Fusilier regiment at the Tower of London and the Fusiliers Association were able to help the family get back on their feet.

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