Latest Magaluf Shame As Girls Are Stripped On Stage And Spray-Painted

The seedy Magaluf nightclub scene is in the news once again as revelations have surfaced about tawdry “paint parties” which further debase unsuspecting holiday makers.

Women are daubed in paint before they strip and degrade themselves

Women are daubed in paint before they strip and degrade themselves

Thousands of Brits visit Magaluf every Summer but this year the popular resort has been rocked by allegations of sordid parties and teenage girls performing shocking acts on a stage, all for the promise of a free drink.

Journalists have been investigating what really happens at these events and their reports reveal a seedy undercurrent of degradation at some of the resorts’ top establishment. At one nightclub, the crowd roared its approval as a young woman was pulled onto the stage; a man stripped to the waist and smeared in paint grabbed her from behind and performed a simulated sex act. The crowd demanded more and the young woman is encouraged to take off her top and bra as the man forces her head towards his crotch.

In other lurid spectacles, embarrassed women have been seen clutching at their nakedness, intimidated by the party hosts and the crowd to strip or perform sex acts. Many of the women brought on the stage are drunk or incapacitated and perhaps would not have been so easily persuaded if sober.

The seedy acts would not be out of place in a strip club

The seedy acts would not be out of place in a strip club

Flyers for club nights boast of what might take place: “PaintGlow is raw, messy and downright sexy. Be prepared to let your hair down, get covered in paint, take off your clothes and experience the paint sensation.”

At PaintGlow, liquid paint is poured over the revellers before they are encouraged to strip off. One of the event’s promoters, Ryan, told the Sunday Mirror: “Paint party is amazing, I love it! There’s a big massive stage with four people… with buckets of paint and f***-off guns. You tip paint in, boom and fire it at people. You come out of there soaked in paint and every single girl basically gets naked – great! It’s a good laugh. There are people having sex in there all the time; our boys who shoot the paint, they’re standing on the stage, there’s girls grabbing your ****. You can pull in there, it’s a right laugh.”

One club doorman, speaking anonymously for fear of reprisals, told the Sunday Mirror: “One club has a ‘naked stage’. A big sign reads: ‘If you’re not naked, **** off.’ The DJs get drunk girls to take part in simulated sex shows. None of them would dream of doing it back home, but it’s the booze and wild atmosphere that gets them. They’re secretly filmed by the club’s promotions staff and then the footage is shown on phones to people outside to tempt them in. It normally ends up on the internet.

“The worst thing I’ve seen is a girl sitting on a sink plunger while performing oral sex on the DJ. Then there are gangs of Eastern European men looking for drunk British girls. There is a constant risk of assault and rape. The attitude to safe sex is shocking. It’s a standing joke that most of the resort’s condom machines are always empty. For young lads, the risk comes from prostitutes who lure them onto the beach at night and steal wallets and mobiles. Most worrying is the culture among some holiday reps of preying on young girls. Many are in contests to bed the most.”

However, it seems as though Magaluf’s mayor, Manuel Onieva has had enough; he has introduced licences that are going to make clubs “prove their responsibility,” a scheme which has the strong backing of the Tourist Council, a body with representatives drawn from the regional government and local ­councils, as well as local hotels and nightclubs.

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