KATIE HOPKINS: Slams ISIS But Slags Off British City At Same Time – Locals Outraged

Katie Hopkins, the former Apprentice contestant turned motormouth and Twitter ranter has managed to offend a religion and upset an entire city in one fell swoop.

Hopkins: no love lost for Birmingham

Hopkins: no love lost for Birmingham

Ms Hopkins continued her anti-Muslim tirade by using Twitter to muse why terrorists from Birmingham would ever want to return there seeking “paradise.”

“You fought for IS? You want paradise and 72 virgins?
Then why the holy c**p are you trying to come back to Birmingham?”

This is not the first time Ms Hopkins has had a pop at the Brummies’ beloved home city. Earlier this year, she mocked Birmingham being chosen as the location for Britain’s national sperm bank, tweeting:

“A National Sperm Bank is to be set up in Birmingham.
Dear god – Birmingham. Do we really want more kids made from that kind of dodgy stock?”

And she followed that with:

“If you live in the Home Counties, beware the Brummy sperm bank.
“Your baby might come out with a thick Brummy accent.”

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