1katieIn case you missed it last month, Katie Hopkins got into a fight with CNN host Hala Goran after branding the network the “Clinton News Network” and accusing the programme of tarnishing Trump’s hopes of becoming President – SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO.

Things in the interview started off civil but it took about three seconds for things to heat up. “I think he’s gonna win,” Katie explained to Hala. “I think you guys are in for a big surprise which I’m quite excited about. I think we’ve seen a very similar thing here with Brexit.”

Katie went on to say that their coverage was unbalanced and wasn’t thrilled with the way she believed they were presenting women. “You guys seem to love to present us women, and I’m vaguely a woman, as victims,” she hissed. “I don’t see myself as the victim. Many hard working women don’t see themselves as victims.”

“Nobody’s saying that everyone loves Hillary Clinton,” Hala snapped back. “This conversation is actually completely going off the rails because it seems we’ve just entered a post fact world where you will actually deny facts and fabricate quotes and put them in my mouth.”