KATIE HOPKINS: Mocks Kellie Maloney’s Appearance Post-Surgery With Cruel Tweet

Talk about kicking someone when they are down. Katie Hopkins has been giving forth her opinion on Kellie Maloney’s appearance, the former boxing promoter once known as Frank Maloney.

Hopkins is at it again

Hopkins is at it again

Posting an unfeeling comment on Twitter, Hopkins said that Kellie, who had suffered a painful and life-threatening surgery ordeal, was “looking blinding.”

Clearly there is no-one at whom Hopkins won’t take a swipe.

Kellie Maloney had taken the decision to undergo surgery in an attempt to make her face look more feminine. However, she was left looking “like Frankenstein’s monster” and battling for survival in intensive care after the surgery.

Despite Kellie’s brave choice and the suffering that ensued, Katie Hopkins decided she was an appropriate choice for some spiteful bullying.

“I don’t care what you say, Kellie Maloney is looking blinding,” read the full tweet which swiftly caused a backlash of anti-Katie tweets.

Unsurprisingly, Katie was not the most popular of Twitter users following her nasty tweet.

Some called her a “scumbag,” while one Twitter user wrote: “ur a disgrace of a woman I dnt think u have a heart y the hell would u use that poor person to get ur self attention ur sick.”

Kellie Maloney suffered "unimaginable pain"

Kellie Maloney suffered “unimaginable pain”

Kellie gave an interview to the Sunday Mirror about the trauma she had been through because of the surgery: “I was bleeding out of my eyes and I was in unimaginable pain. Then I just felt my head inflating like a balloon. It was getting bigger and bigger by the second, I could hardly see. I feared it was going to explode.

“When I looked at my face in the mirror after the surgery to save me I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. I saw my reflection and I just cried my eyes out. I thought I would never again pass as a woman or be able to go out in public. I was grotesquely swollen. I was black and blue and had drainage tubes coming out of my head. I had become a monster like Frankenstein’s.”

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