KATIE HOPKINS: “I Hate Fat People” But Now She Is One

Sitting on the This Morning sofa, huffing and puffing, the casual viewer could be forgiven for thinking Katie Hopkins is about to give birth. Holding her back and grimacing, however, Ms Hopkins explained that she is in fact halfway through a journey “To Fat And Back,” or “I’ve A Fat Back,” or something along those lines.

Katie is "exhausted" from hauling her increased frame about

Katie is “exhausted” from hauling her increased frame about

From a starting point of 8 stone 8, Katie has piled on the pounds to be 11 stone 13 by eating 6,500 calories a day (This Morning showed an attractive video clip at this point of Katie chewing some unidentifiable but calorie-filled food) by eating ready meals, snacks and being as sedentary as possible.

This Morning showed a clip from Katie’s upcoming TLC documentary where she is shown weeping over her calorie-laden food diary and sobbing: “I hate fat people for making me do this.”

Katie has now set herself three months to lose the weight she has gained, but plans to do it without joining a gym, hiring a personal trainer or employing a nutritionist. Instead, she plans to eat healthily and get reacquainted with her trainers.

The results will air in her documentary “To Fat And Back” which is set to air on the TLC channel in January. However, the reactions to her journey are already mixed, as Twitter is already full of people saying the whole thing makes a mockery of overweight people.

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