KATIE HOPKINS: Defends Rapist Ched Evans – “Leave The Poor Lad Alone”

Motormouth Katie Hopkins has been defending convicted rapist Ched Evans.

Katie has being speaking about Ched Evans

Katie has being speaking about Ched Evans

Just like Judy Finnigan, Katie has caused a similar controversy by leaping to the disgraced footballer’s defence.

Ched Evans, who played for Sheffied United, served a two-and-a-half year sentence after being convicted of the rape of a 19 year-old girl.

Evans has always denied it was rape although the girl was too drunk to give her consent: “Although I am ashamed of my actions, she was definitely up for it. I most certainly didn’t rape anyone.”

While Sheffield United is deciding whether to re-sign Evans and Evans is training with the club, a petitiion calling for the club not to give him back his old job has hit the 100,000 signatures. The woman who started the petition at change.org, Jean Hatchet, said: “I’m sure he and his supporters are hoping he can quietly slip back into the position of privilege he held before.”

However, Katie Hopkins, has used her blog to defend Ched Evans, writing: “For goodness sake, girls, he has been to court, served his time and now wants to get back to work. Leave the lad alone.”

Ched Evans shown leaving court

Ched Evans shown leaving court

Speaking about the petition, Hopkins said: “Why do people think they have a right to be judge and jury over the future of another? ‘Click on this petition to protest about Ched.’ Brilliant. One click from your mouse and you think you have had your say. Does that make you feel powerful? Bold? You can take your mouse and shove it somewhere sideways.

“Evans made a terrible mistake. He has served his time and now he needs to earn a living. Let him get on with his job.”

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