Katie Hopkins DEFENDS Michael Brown Shooting In Shocking Tweet

Motor-mouth Katie Hopkins has waded into the Ferguson shooting furore by tweeting her opinion of the police officer who shot an unarmed 18 year-old.

Katie Hopkins angry

Pulling no punches, Katie spoke up for police officer Darren Wilson who shot and killed Michael Brown in Ferguson in August. There have been protests about the shooting and tensions increased when the news broke yesterday that Wilson would not face any charges for the shooting.

The 28 year-old police officer shot Brown after he asked him and his friend to walk on the pavement; when they refused, a scuffle broke out which ended with Wilson shooting at Brown six times and killing him.

Contraversial as ever, Katie tweeted her 263,000 followers to let them know what her feelings were on the matter.

“Brown was not shot for being black. Brown was shot for being a thief and a thug,” she tweeted last night, adding “Give the officer a medal. Justice with knobs on.”


Her followers were divided on the issue, some agreeing with Hopkins, while others accused her of stirring and being horrible.

When the news broke, St Louis county prosecutor, Bob McCulloch, said “no probable cause existed” to press charges against Wilson.

Michael Brown, who was shot dead

Michael Brown, who was shot dead

However, Michael Brown’s family was unhappy with the decision; they released a statement saying: “We are profoundly disappointed that the killer of our child will not face the consequence of his actions.”

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