KATIE HOPKINS Attacks Gemma Collins On I’m a Celebrity: “She’s got the Fat Factor”

Motormouth Katie Hopkins is well-known for her loathing of overweight people and it seems as if TOWIE’s Gemma Collins is her next target.

Gemma is appearing on ITV’s “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here” and after just one episode had come in for a scathing attack from Ms Hopkins. Gemma has already said she is finding the whole experience extremely arduous and has threatened to quit the show if it does not get easier.


Katie Hopkins released a series of tweets digging at both Gemma and her weight and went on to have a pop at Tinchy Stryder and Kendra Wilkinson as well.

Tweet number one read: “Gemma has found a way of deep frying porridge. Good skills from Big Bird. She’s got the Fat Factor #ImACelebrity.” Ms Hopkins did not leave it there though, she quickly followed up with: “All Gemma wants is a ham sandwich with some quavers on the side and a family bucket of KFC. FFS guys, that all. Just a snack. #ImACelebrity.”

Katie Hopkins then decided to have a little vent about ex-Playboy bunny, Kendra Wilkinson, but of course, Hopkins being Hopkins, she did it in grand style, insulting the whole of the USA for good measure: “Kendra did the impossible for an American. She shut the f**k up for a full 2 minutes #ImACelebrity.”

Next Katie moved on to Tinchy Stryder, tweeting: “Tinchy is trying to be the big man. Being Tinchy – this is ambitious. his commentary is inspiring. ‘Wow’ ‘woah’ ‘wow’ #ImACelebrity.”

Of course, you might wonder why Katie sits through I’m A Celebrity… since she does not seem to enjoy it much.


Full line up here.

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