The Duchess of Cambridge revealed one of Prince George’s favourite dishes while enjoying a visit to the Cridge Centre for the final day of the royal tour in Canada.stuffWhile Prince William and Kate met people who had benefitted from the centre’s schemes, which includes social care and supports domestic abuse victims among other fields, one attendee revealed that she and the Duchess had chatted about their favourite foods, with the mother-of-two revealing that Italian food is one of three-year-old Prince George’s favourites.

20-year-old Zara Auld from Victoria said: “Kate asked me what I like to do and I told her cooking. She asked me what and I said Italian like pizza and pasta and she said George loves that.”

Prince William was also spotting chatting about the couple’s fishing trip on Friday, joking that they didn’t manage to catch anything. He said: “We didn’t catch anything! It’s typical whenever we go anywhere. All the best laid plans go to pot. That salmon (pre caught) was the biggest fish I’ve seen! It was a great day.”

The pair then enjoyed a walkabout after leaving the centre where they met around 100 children with their parents. Seven-year-old Netusha Danister chatted to Kate about her favourite character from the Disney film Frozen. “She asked me ‘are you a princess?’ And I said yes then she asked me about Frozen and said ‘what’s your favourite character?’ And I said ‘Elsa’ and she liked that.”