Josie Cunningham’s Bizarre Promise To Disappear If Keith Lemon Agrees To Have Sex With Her

A genuine offer the goodwill of humanity or another attempt to get her name in print? You decide.


Josie Cunningham has made a very unusual promise – she will “disappear from the media” on the condition that Celebrity Juice star Keith Lemon agrees to have sex with her.

Ms Cunningham, who is expecting her third son, made the unsusal vow on Twitter, tweeting: “Here’s the deal: I will disappear from media, deactivate my twitter & stop doing interviews – On the condition @lemontwittor has sex with me? Will you do it for your country Keith?X.”

However, the idea does not appear to be a winner as Keith Lemon does not actually know who Josie Cunningham is; Keith tweeted: “I won’t – I don’t even know who that is.” So it appears that we will still be subjected to the roller-coaster ride that is being Josie Cunningham – especially, as if she hinted last week, she might actually get on to Celebrity Big Brother.

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