JOSIE CUNNINGHAM: You Won’t Believe What She Says To A Level Students

Josie Cunningham has done it again.  Not content with upsetting 99% of Twitter with her insensitive remarks about the death of Robin Williams, she has tweeted today some advice for people collecting their A Level results.

In another public relations nightmare, Josie addresses “Girls” who get “poor results.”  Her advice?

Why, if you’re over 18, you simply “get your tits out” or become an escort.  The tweets even come with a helpful hashtag, #Josie’sCareerAdvice.



We are glad to see that Josie is encouraging women to think broadly about their career options.  People were quick to slam Josie calling her a “disgrace.”  As her “advice” went viral, she pointed out that she was not encouraging anything illegal, like prostitution, by tweeting:

to fail to understand the difference between escorting and prostitution.

Don’t give up your day job, Josie.  Hang on, what exactly is your day job?

Don't give up the day job, love

Don’t give up the day job, love

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