Josie Cunningham Snubbed By Keith Lemon Over Twitter Sex Offer

Josie’s unusual deal in which she agreed to trade her fame and publicity for a tumble with Celebrity Juice’s Keith Lemon appears to have hit a stumbling block after Lemon turned her down.

Looks like we won't be seeing this gruesome-twosome anytime soon

Looks like we won’t be seeing this pair getting it on anytime soon

Josie Cunningham tweeted her unsual offer recently, promising to “disappear from media, deactivate my Twitter & stop doing interviews – On the condition @lemontwittor has sex with me?” There was a Twitter meltdown as people implored Keith to “take one for the team.”

However, it looks like we won’t be rid of Josie anytime soon as Keith has turned down the prospect of sex with Josie, primarily because he does not who she is. And Josie has tweeted how upset she is: “I’m heartbroken @lemontwittor says he doesn’t know who I am, especially cause I’m a Leeds lass! #DontForgetYourOwn #PrideOfLeeds”


Her pleas have not moved Keith, however, as he continues to deny he even knows who she is, tweeting his followers: “Bonjour! Can people please stop tweeting me about this Josie woman. Never heard of her. Getting a bit sick of saying ‘no chance!”

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