JOSIE CUNNINGHAM Slams Twitter Trolls Who Slate KATIE PRICE’s Son

Katie Price's son Harvey suffers from numerous debilitating disorders

Katie Price’s son Harvey suffers from numerous debilitating disorders

In what some might feel is an unusual move for Josie Cunningham, she has been using her Twitter account to defend someone else.

23 year-old Josie, who is pregnant with her third child, tweeted a hint that she had received some bad news. The tweet simply read “Heartbroken :(” but Josie was immediately targetted by a troll.

The troll replied to her post, tweeting: “Just found out your having an healthy baby & not a ‘Harvey’?” The tweet was clearly a reference to Katie Price’s eldest child, eleven year-old Harvey. Katie’s son has suffered with various disorders since he was born; these include septo-optic dysplasia, which results in partial blindness, attention deficit disorder, autism and diabetes.

Josie leapt to Harvey's defence

Josie leapt to Harvey’s defence

Ms Cunningham, who has often said she admires Ms Price and would like to be the new Katie Price, was not going to take the vile tweet lying down and quickly leapt to Harvey’s defence:

“You sad, pathetic, sick b*stard!” Josie clearly was not the only one to feel this way.

Several of Ms Cunningham’s followers jumped into the fray, targetting the troll with comments including: ” What an awful thing to say” and the more colourful: “F*cking below belt that sick c***.”

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