JOSIE CUNNINGHAM: Shock And Disgust At Her Childbirth Revelation

Josie Cunningham has never been one to stray far from controversy and after a rollercoaster of a pregnancy gave birth to her daughter Grace recently.

Josie Cunningham: more shocking revelations

Josie Cunningham: more shocking revelations

However Josie’s revelation that she doesn’t know who Grace’s father is is not the only shocking news Josie has shared in the last couple of days.

Ms Cunningham who previously admitted to smoking twenty cigarettes a day when she was expecting baby Grace has done an interview for the Sunday Mirror in which she makes an incredible revelation.

Josie said: “I was in so much pain when I was in labour and I was so stressed I couldn’t stop myself in the early stages.” Not content with smoking during pregnancy, Ms Cunningham smoked through her contractions as well.

And what happened when she held her newborn for the first time? Was she filled with regret she had delivered dangerous chemicals straight into her baby’s bloodstream? Of course not:

“After I had Grace and held her in my arms the first thing I did was go outside and chain smoke two fags.”

Lovely. Grace is, of course, the baby that Josie originally wanted to abort in order to try to secure a place on Big Brother. We wish baby Grace all the luck in the world – it looks like she’s going to need it!

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