JOSIE CUNNINGHAM: Plans To Sell Placenta For Cash

Josie Cunningham, who is currently pregnant with her third child, has come up with a new money-making wheeze.

Josie Cunningham: plans to sell her placenta

Josie Cunningham: plans to sell her placenta

She has been asking Twitter for advice on how to sell her placenta after she is delievered of son number three: “Selling your placenta … is it legal? Any legal boffs wanna give me some free advice?”


However, rather than the flood of advice that Ms Cunningham perhaps expected, she received an array of tweets castigating her latest scheme and her grasps at fame. It’s not her first attempt to make money from the birth of her child either; Ms Cunningham has reportedly made £30,000 from selling tickets to the birth of her child.

Four people bought ringside seats, two at £10,000 and two at £5,000. However, it has been claimed that Ms Cunningham is not planning to keep this cash, rather, her agent has said: “She will use the money she makes to pay back the NHS for her treatments.”

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