Josie Cunningham Launches Seedy “Easy Sex” Website So Girls Can Get Pregnant & Claim Benefits

In a strange attempt to bring the rest of the world down to her level, Josie Cunningham has launched a strange website.

Josie: "I'm promoting unprotected sex"

Josie: “I’m promoting unprotected sex”

The aim of the website is not, as you might think, free publicity. Rather, it has the aim of bringing desperate men and women together for unprotected sex. It is a hook-up site, where women can arrange a sex session with a man in the hopes of getting pregnant.

Once pregnant, these young girls, according to Josie, will be able to live as scroungers, their living being paid for by the taxpayer.

Check you calendar – it’s not even 1st April!

In an interview with The Sun, Josie said: “People will think I’m promoting unprotected sex so women can get pregnant, bag themselves a council house and have a life on benefits.

“But it’s really no different to what many girls have one night stands for on a Saturday night. Parents gain more points in many councils’ scoring systems do having a child definitely helps.”

Is it time to wake up yet?

Josie Cunningham In Shock Paternity Revelation


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