Josie Cunningham In Shock Paternity Revelation

In a bizarre move, former model and call-girl Josie Cunningham has decided to reveal who the father of her baby daughter Grace is via CHRISTMAS CARDS.

Who's the daddy?

Who’s the daddy?

Josie, who has previously courted controversy by having a boob-job on the NHS and nearly aborting her baby for a place on Celebrity Big Brother, has sent off for DNA test results in order to determine which of three possible candidates is three month-old Grace’s father.

And how better to share the news than via a festive Christmas card?

The results are due back in a fortnight and Josie plans to post the life-changing news through the possible dads’ letter boxes on Christmas Eve.

Josie said: “How to tell all three men has been a really hard decision but, as it’s Christmas I thought it would be a really nice surprise for Grace’s dad to find out on Christmas Day.

“I have arranged for one of my friends to put cards through all three of their front doors late Christmas Eve.

“I will photocopy the results then staple them inside a card. I will also change my mobile number at the same time and only the father’s card will have my new number inside.”

24 year-old Josie added: “I feel that who ever the father is, he should be pleased that he has had such a beautiful daughter with me. Whichever man it is he’s a lucky chap. Not only does he have a beautiful daughter but he got to have a wild night between the sheets with me.”

The mother-of-three seems to disregard how the men may feel about these proceedings: “I don’t care how the other two men feel when they find out they are not the father. The only feelings I care about are those of mine and my children.”

The three possible fathers, according to Josie, are a surgeon she had sex with when working as an escort, her best friend’s boyfriend or a fraud who conned and manipulated her into thinking that he was Premier League football star Curtis Davies.

Josie was heartbroken when when discovered she had not been dating the Hull City captain for 18 months but had been involved with a conman. This possible father has declined to give a DNA sample, but Josie seems unconcerned, thinking he is not the father as her daughter is “light-skinned”:

“I want nothing to do with him. If the other two men’s DNA are not a match then Grace can only be his. If he is, I won’t allow him into her life until she is 11. I fell for all his lies and he was very manipulative.

“I don’t want my daughter around someone like that, but equally, I won’t stop her getting to know him if it’s something she wants to do – and I think 11 is the right age for her to decide that.”

Josie added: “In my heart I know who I want the father to be, but I’m not prepared to say who as Grace will read this when she’s older and, if it’s not the same person, I don’t think it would be very fair on either of them.”

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