JOSIE CUNNINGHAM: Goes Into Early Labour After CON MAN Revealed As Her Baby’s Father

Josie Cunningham, the former call girl and model, has gone into a dramatic early labour after she found out her baby’s father is a con man.

Josie Cunningham was not due to give birth until next month

Josie Cunningham was not due to give birth until next month

The Katie Price-wannabe was not due to give birth until next month, but just hours after she discovered she was the victim of a shocking trick, she went into labour.

Up until Sunday, Josie had believed that she was in a relationship with a premiership footballer and that the father of her baby was Hull City captain Curtis Davies. However, Josie learned the shocking truth: the father of her unborn child was an impostor.

Josie used Twitter to reveal her “heartbreak” that she had been “manipulated” for a year and a half:

“Almost 4am and I’m wide awake Feel so dirty, ashamed and devastated.

“Before I explain why I have no doubt that people will think I’m lying, but I’ll upload some proof that I have been completely manipulated by a man for the past 18 months pretending to be a premiership footballer – I feel physically sick having to admit I was fooled by him and had sex with someone who simply looked like and claimed to be someone he wasn’t.

“Back in April last year I received a message from a guy who I believed was Curtis Davies the captain of Hull football club. Over the past 18 months, I’ve believed this to be true. I’ve had sex with him, I’ve stayed in hotels with him and I’ve poured by heart out to him. Back in May last year, my manager told me that he thought the guy could be lying – but I refused to believe it and foolishly have got angry every time since he has tried to suggest it.

“I was told to ask him to tweet me from his Twitter account, which he agreed to do – when I received the tweet it was from a new account and with no followers which concerned me, when I asked why it was not from the verified account I was told it was because I had a bad rep and could damage his career. I believed him (I will tweet a pic from May 2013 showing that tweet).

“I let a con man put his hands on me, kiss me with his lips and fill my head with lies – I’m heartbroken. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get a kick from thinking a premiership footballer was interested in me, I’ve been called a liar for months and I’ve had my head held high thinking the whole country was wrong – when it was really me.”

Josie, who called herself a “stupid girl” said she was “trying to keep stress to a min” but admitted she was “genuinely hurting inside.” The stress may well have been a trigger as Josie went into labour hours later and her representative has confirmed that it appears the baby is on the way.

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