Josie Cunningham And Katie Hopkins In Confrontational Showdown

A national newspaper took the brave decision to bring two of Twitter’s most-reviled users and biggest motor-mouths together for a ‘chat.’

Josie Cunningham (left) and Katie Hopkins had a full and free exchange of views

Josie Cunningham (left) and Katie Hopkins had a full and free exchange of views

Katie Hopkins and Josie Cunningham have been trading acidic barbs on the popular social networking site for weeks, so a bright spark at The Sun thought that it might be better if they brought the pair together and let them have at each other face-to-face.

Katie asked most of the questions, quizzing Josie on a range of subjects from her NHS-funded boob to her quest for a new nose and from her considered abortion to who the father of her baby is. Ms Cunningham answered all Ms Hopkins’s questions and even managed to get in a few digs of her own.

Early on in the conversation Katie revealed to Josie that her nickname for her is “the wart goblin” but in reply, Josie was quick to imply that Katie has “an empty scrotum for a chest” and is “rapidly gaining weight.” In fact, Katie needled Josie throughout most of the dialogue, styling herself as the interviewer.

When Katie expressed a doubt that Josie could make £1,000 a night as an escort because of the way she looked, Josie, without missing a beat, snapped back: “You’ve got a face like a slapped lasagne.”

One thing was certainly clear; Josie was adamant that every publicity-seeking move she makes, she does in order to secure a better future for her children. Katie, on the other hand, made her opinion clear and that is that she thinks that Josie is “causing noise for the sake of causing noise” in order to perpetuate her career, when really there is no substance to Josie at all.

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