Jodie Marsh Sparks Twitter Outrage With Post After Manchester Terror Attack

Former glamour model Jodie Marsh launched into a furious Twitter rant calling for those on terror watch lists to be rounded up and deported in the wake of last night’s devastating Manchester suicide bombing.

Jodie wrote: “Starting today, we need to round up everyone on a terrorist watch list & deport them all. No room in our prisons so get rid of them. I hope these radicalised terrorists know they are weak, brain washed losers with no mind of their own & that their whole life is pointless. Enough is enough. Radicalisation is happening all over. And we’re allowing it.”

When bemused fans pointed out that many on watch lists could not be deported as they were British, she responded: “Bring back the death penalty and hang them. I don’t care. Just get rid. They aren’t people; they’re animals. Scum.” The 38-year-old’s comments sparked outrage from followers while others pointed out that many on watch lists were British citizens.

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