Jimmy And Jake: Jungle Celebs Fall Out After Massive Row

The bromance that blossomed between Jake Quickenden and Jimmy Bullard on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here seems to have hit a rocky patch.

Jake and Jimmy - a rocky romance?

Jake and Jimmy – a rocky romance?

What started as a banter session turned sour when Jimmy mocked his pal’s singing ability and questioned why he had been picked to join the 2014 line up at all.

Fans watching cringed as Jake was left reeling from the heated exchange. It began when the X Factor competitor told the ex-footballer that fellow jungle-mate Vicki Michelle had mistaken him for Michael Buerk.

This didn’t sit well with Jimmy, who blasted Jake: “Alright, f**king He-Man. Just ‘cos you’re all f**king muscles.”

Obviously hurt, Jake responded: “You bite so quick. You don’t come back with anything. You get nasty. You get nasty, don’t you? It don’t matter. I understand, it’s fine.”

The row continued as Jimmy attempted to defend himself: “You’re calling me a 68-year-old man. That’s nasty in a way. It ain’t affecting me. You’re out of your league son, you’re out of your depth. It’s embarrassing.”

“Stop now. You’re embarrassing yourself,” Jake fired back.

The ill-feeling continued as later that evening, Jimmy began to tease Jake about how the jungle exploits had taken it out of him:

“You’ve run out, ain’t ya? You done your b******* early doors, didn’t you? No energy. You came in the first few days like a f****** whizz kid. Gone. No dinner. Gone. Nothing about you, son. You haven’t said f*** all, all day!”

Jake countered that he was missing the “old Jimmy,” but Bullard replied:

“I can’t be your entertainment all the time. You can’t rely on me. You’ve got to entertain yourself because you banter’s s***. Why the f*** are you in here? What are you? What sort of skill have you got?” You weren’t [entertaining] on The X Factor, that’s for sure. I thought you had a bit about you, but the more I’m getting to know you, the more I’m just thinking, ‘What the f*** is this prick doing in here? What’s he offering?’ Why the f*** are you in here? What are you? What sort of skill have you got? What the f*** have you done? Picked a mic up?”

Later the same day, Jimmy climbed down and apologised to Jake: “I hurt you there, didn’t I, that little bit of banter? I can tell, [you are] just a little bit affected. I didn’t mean it. Just pure banter and I mean that. I would never, ever mean [it], you know that. I can tell from your body language.”

“I’m angry. If I was outside I’d have knocked your face off your head,” Jake replied, preferring to stick with a lighter touch.

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