“I’ve Got It On CCTV!” Katie Price Caught Husband’s Kieran Barn-Sex Cheating On Film

Katie Price’s cheating husband and best friend were caught on camera by CCTV that she had installed.

Katie Price can't bring herself to view the footage of the cheaters in the barn...

Katie Price can’t bring herself to view the footage of the cheaters in the barn…

Ms Price, who gave birth to her fifth child yesterday, has previously explained how her husband, Kieran Hayler, cheated on her with her best friend Jane Poutney, at her own New Year’s Eve party by sneaking away to have sex in the barn.

However, the memory of the infidelity means that Katie can’t bring herself to watch the sordid footage: “I want to know every detail – when he had sex, how he had it – on New Year’s Eve I had a party and him and Jane had sex in the barn. I’ve got it on camera because of the the CCTV footage. My heart hasn’t been broken, it’s been shattered.”

Katie has had a tumultuous year so far, from having her pregnancy in the spotlight to discovering her third husband had cheated on her with two of her closest friends. Her fifth baby, a girl, was born yesterday, her second child with husband Kieran. She and Kieran are undergoing therapy and counselling to see if their marriage can be saved.

It is Ms Price’s view that her husband is battling “a form of addiction” and is likely to continue with therapy for the rest of his life: “Like any addict he needed a hit and then they’re just desperate to get the same adrenaline surge again, like a drug addict. That’s why he did it with Jane in our house – there was a bigger rush of adrenaline because it was so wrong. If he’d gone for someone younger, fit body, big t**s or pretty, you could at least see he cared who he was with.”But two older women who are rank? It’s because it was easy to and just fed his addiction.”

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