British expats and holidaymakers face a gauntlet of terror this summer – after ISIS declared war on Spain.1sunuioThe death cult promised revenge over “crimes committed by Spain against Muslims”. With 12million Brits visiting Spain each year and more than 300,000 British expats calling it home, the threat puts Brits in smack in the middle of the firing line.

They have been warned that they may be caught up in an ISIS threat to Spaniards, issued by the extremist group recently.  One sick fanatic warned: “As their governments kill our brothers, so should we [seek] revenge and reprisal.”

The article, published by Abu Marya Al-Aseefon on ISIS’ media channel Al-Wafa, added: “[Spanish soldiers are] still killing Muslims in the eastern and western parts of the Earth, sometimes with bomb-carrying air jets and other times with the direct participation on the ground.”

Brit tourists were targeted in June last year when lone gunman Seifeddine Rezgui shot dozens of sunbathers on a packed beach in Sousse, Tunisia. Of the 38 killed, 33 were British and Irish.