cheryll‘Pregnant’ Cheryl could be having twins, new reports claim. Although the star is still yet to officially confirm that she’s pregnant, bookies are already offering odds that Liam Payne’s girlfriend could have two buns in the oven to feed.

According to reports Cheryl, 33, has a history of multiple births in her family, suggesting that the Girls Aloud star could be susceptible to the twin gene. Her great great great grandfather Joseph Ridley romanced his housekeeper after his wife died and the pair went on to have twins – one of these was Cheryl’s great grandmother.

Cheryl discovered the twin tale after appearing on a forthcoming episode of the BBC’s Who Do You Think You Are. Although there are no twins in later generations of her family, experts say the gene can skip generations.

A source told The Daily Star: “Cheryl is working on the possibility she will have two mouths to feed!” Earlier this week the pop princess gave the strongest hint yet that she was expecting – looking glowing during her first TV appearance since the rumours began about her being pregnant with her first child and giving out parenting tips on how to get babies to sleep.