celebThe I’m A Celebrity jungle is on lockdown after eight of the world’s deadliest spiders were found in the camp. The Funnel Web spider can kill a man with its bite in just 15 minutes.

Eight of the killer creatures were removed after being discovered in a camera hide near to the celebrities beds in the Murwillumbah camp.

Show bosses also discovered one of Australia’s most venomous brownsnakes on the helipad which is the entry and exit point for the likes of Larry Lamb, 69, Carol Vorderman, 55, and Scarlett Moffatt, 25.

Medic Bob McCarron, who organises the trials, said: “In Australia we have the world’s most dangerous spider which is the funnel web. The funnel webs are the most dangerous spider in the world … a couple of crew have been bitten in the past. In fact this year in one of the camera hides we found eight. That’s the most we’ve ever found in one day.”