Hundreds Of Mourners Father At Funeral Of Youngest Victim Of Manchester Terror Attack

Saffie Roussos’ heartbroken mum has been discharged from hospital for the day to bury her beloved daughter, who was killed in the Manchester Arena attacks. Saffie’s mum Lisa, 48, was injured in the bomb blast and was taken to hospital unconscious and gravely ill. Her older sister Ashlee Bromwich, 26, was also injured.

Saffie’s mum Lisa, still recovering from injuries sustained in the blast, arrived at Manchester Cathedral, refused the offer of a wheelchair, instead pausing, limping, but determined to walk into the cathedral for her daughter’s service, watched by dozens of well-wishers standing outside. Her right arm in a sling and hand bandaged up, she carried a red rose in her other hand as she stood with the family, who were all dressed brightly and carrying roses.

Along with five others, Mr Roussos became a pall bearer for his daughter as her coffin was carried inside for the start of the service, just a few hundred yards from the scene of her death. Hundreds of mourners have gathered at Manchester Cathedral to pay their final respects to the youngest victim of the attack at the Arena. In a letter, written by Ashlee, she addresses her sister Saffie, making her a solemn and heart-wrenching promise. She said: “Everything I do from this day forward will be all for you. Saffie Rose, I love you.”

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