Huge Tropical Storm Set To Wreak Havoc in Britain

Batten down the hatches – here comes “Big Bertha!” A massive tropical storm is heading for the UK and set to wallop Britain with fierce winds and humid rainstorms.

Big Bertha caused chaos in the Bahamas at the weekend

Big Bertha caused chaos in the Bahamas at the weekend

Berta battered the Bahamas on Sunday with winds of 65mph and is now crossing the Atlantic, and, according to the Met Office, Bertha will “head in the general direction of the UK” and is likely to hit our shores early next week, depending on atmospheric conditions over the next few days.

Heave rain and strong winds are forecast for most of Britain next week and there is the risk of sea damage as huge waves batter the coast. Met Office expert, Dan Williams said: “The Met Office will be keeping an eye on how this develops over the next few days to give everyone in the UK the best advice about what Bertha is likely to do.

“Given the time of year and potential heavy rain, strong winds and large waves, we’d advise everyone to stay up to date with the latest forecasts over the next few days.”

Britain is already braced for ferocious thunderstorms rolling in later today, bringing torrential rain and a very real risk of flash floods.

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