Huge Spiders About To Head Into British Homes – Weeks Earlier Than Expected

Time to take a few deep breaths – huge spiders are set to invade British homes, weeks earlier than expected. The eight-legged creepy crawlies are expected to surge in numbers even though spider-mating season usually starts at the beginning of September, when the creatures seek an indoor place to dwell.

But the cooler temperatures we’ve been experiencing could explain why they are heading inside earlier this year. According to “The errant spiders are almost always males, who having reached maturity now set off in search of a female. Most will remain outdoors, but as they are quite adventurous some will by random chance end up in your house.”

The big spiders have already been spotted in nearby Liverpool, with one horrified mum saying she and her children were left “traumatised” after finding two of them. She said: “I had my hand in the sink to do the dishes and the next minute one just came from nowhere. It must have come up the drain but honestly I have no idea how it fit through that plug hole.”

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