Huge New Emmerdale Storyline To Kill Off Beloved Characters – But Who Will Die?

Emmerdale is set to have another huge plot which could lead to a number of beloved characters being killed off. Show bosses have hinted that the next big storyline will be as shocking as last year’s car crash, which saw James Barton be killed by his wife Emma.  Show boss Iain MacLeod revealed: “I don’t want to tell you which characters are involved but it builds on and stems from last year’s big autumn set piece. There will be similar stylistic works on it like last year but I’m on strict instructions not to tell you.

“Stunts yes and no, there is an action component to it.”  Iain added: “The action is equally as dramatic but it’s more intimate and more intense as it concerns a smaller group of people, rather than crashing as many vehicles we could get our hands on. We just thought you can’t do that twice.”  So who will be the unlucky victims of this shock storyline?

Gillian Kearney, who plays Emma, is set to leave the soap this year after Laurel Thomas has discovered her murderous past. John Bowe, who plays Lawrence White, is also set to depart any day now, after revealing his fate in an angry social media rant. Louise Marwood, who plays his daughter Chrissie, and Thomas Atkinson, who plays Lachlan White, are also rumoured to be leaving sometime soon.  But viewers will have to wait and see who goes, and the way in which they leave.

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