Hottest Day Of August TOMORROW As Hurricane Gert Brings Scorching 29C To UK

Summer has bounced back in Britain with Hurricane Gert forecast to send temperatures soaring to 29C over the next 48 hours. The UK is set to Britain will be hotter than Mexico from today as a plume of hot air from the Caribbean turns up the heat to 27C.

Southern England and Wales are expected to feel the benefit with highs of 29C predicted on Tuesday – making it the warmest day of August. The Met Office said tropical air in Gert – which passed just east of the Caribbean – would help highs leap from 23C today to up to 29C tomorrow in the south.

It comes after Britain has been anchored below 26C for a whole month – covering what is usually the hottest month of the year. But make the most of it, as Government forecasters said that although the Bank Holiday weekend would “not be a complete write-off,” spells of rain, average 16-21C temperatures and gales in the north are forecast.

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