Hotter Than Australia – Britain Set For a Roastingly-Hot Weekend!

The UK is set to be hotter than Australia’s Bondi Beach this weekend, so get ready for a heatwave!

Get ready for another blast of Summer!

Get ready for another blast of Summer!

The mercury in the UK is set to rocket up to 23°C compared with only 20°C at Australia’s popular holiday location.

An expert with the Met Office, Forecaster Dan Williams, said the weekend is looking good: “Temperatures will be above average and pretty mild, at up to 23°C on Saturday and 20°C on Sunday, with decent bright spells. Sunday should see more decent bright spells away from the rain in the West and North, and will also be blustery.

Bookmakers have slashed their odds on a weekend of sunshine; Ladbrokes are only offering 4-1 on a temperature of 24°C or higher somewhere in the UK and their spokeswoman, Jessica Bridge said: “The odds suggest the brollies can be put back in the closet for a spell.”

Another forecaster, John Griffiths who predicts the weather for MeteoGroup, agreed with the Met Office’s findings: “Saturday looks warmest in the South-East and East Anglia, at 22°C with a chance of 23°C.”

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