Horror At Theme Park: Rollercoaster Carriages Collide Injuring 33 Including Children

Two rollercoaster carriages smashed into one another at a theme park in today, injuring 33 people including children.

The accident was at one of Spain’s oldest theme parks, Parque de Atracciones in Madrid, and emergency services were called to the scene at about 2.30pm. One carriage on the TNT Tren de la Mina ride crashed into the other after it finished its route, but failed to stop according to the BBC. Authorities said six children under the age of 10 were hurt.

A spokesman told AFP news agency: “The patients are being taken to hospital to be examined more thoroughly.” Local media reported that 27 of the 33 people had been taken to hospital, suffering injuries such as whiplash and bruised abdomens from the impact of hitting the safety bar. Witnesses said that the passengers were wearing virtual reality headsets and so the crash was completely unexpected.

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