Horror At Chessington Zoo As Fox Kills Penguins After Breaking Into Enclosure

A fox has slaughtered eight penguins at Chessington World of Adventures after breaking into their water enclosure. Staff at the adventure park were confronted with the horror scene after arriving to start the day’s work. All but one of the males was killed along with all the babies, according to a source from the park. Employees at the world famous park were apparently warned not to talk about the fox attack.

A source said: “The attack happened at the end of June when the night security and zoo staff were not monitoring as they should have been. There is CCTV footage on site at the park. The male penguins can be seen trying to protect the babies from the attack, sadly all bar one of the males were killed as well as all the babies. The one surviving male is actually seriously injured too. It was absolutely savage – I’ve never seen anything like it. Not only are these poor animals are now dead, but the customers are being lied to.”

Staff claimed they were ‘remodelling’ the enclosure when ‘Penguin Bay’ was cordoned off. A sign on the cordon read: “Our Humboldt Penguins are currently enjoying their other home behind-the-scenes while we make alterations to Penguin Bay.” However, Lisa Britton, assistant zoo manager, has now said that eight penguins were killed and that the surviving 20 penguins have been moved to a ‘secure location’ while a full investigation into how the fox broke into Penguin Bay takes place.

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