Horror As Two-Year-Old Girl Run Over By Children’s Ride At Blackpool Pleasure Beach: “Like A Rag Doll”

A little two-year-old girl was run over by a children’s ride at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and her dad claims he had to rescue here when the technician operating the ride ignored his cries for help.

On Saturday, Daisy May Stewart was somehow able to climb out of the ride’s carriage; she became upset while riding on the Alpine Rally at the popular park and decided to leave the ride. She was mowed down by the next carriage of the six-car ride and as a result suffered ripped clothes and dreadful burns and cuts that might have been far worse were it not for her father’s brave rescue.

Concerned dad Michael Stewart told The Sun: “My daughter got in the car and panicked. Her arms were going and she was crying. We waved to the operator but he had his back turned. We were shouting at him to stop the ride but he didn’t. The car behind ran straight over her body. She looked like a little rag doll. It was really horrific.”

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