A woman is reported to have been beheaded after a teenager armed with a chainsaw went on the rampage at a shopping centre.1boneThe 18-year-old, who was also carrying a hammer, carried out the horrific attack at the Evropa shopping centre in Minsk, Belarus. Terrified eyewitnesses claimed the youngster wore a mask as he burst into the busy mall through a side entrance. It is understood the evil thug chased shoppers and struck close to a pizza restaurant.

One onlooker told Belarus news website Onliner: “He lashed out at the nearest person and cut off her head.” Police spokesman Alexander Lastovsky said: “When he took out a chainsaw, shoppers first thought it was some kind of game. Then he cut one woman badly with the chainsaw and hit her with a hammer. She died. He also attacked others.”

Officers cordoned off the mall at around 6pm local time (4pm UK time) and have launched a probe into the shocking incident. The motive behind the attack is not yet known, with officers urging locals not to speculate and spread “panic” online. The woman killed in the bloody rampage is believed to be in her 30s and her attacker has been detained by police.

The newspaper Belta claims a 46-year-old woman who sustained injuries is currently being treated at a local hospital. A hospital spokesman said: “The patient received two blows with an axe in the chest and shoulder. She is being examined and undergoing treatment.”