A horrified boy aged 11 found a five-year-old drowning victim in a lake while searching for his lost goggles in the water, it has been claimed.1waterThe traumatic incident unfolded at Bosworth Water Park in Warwickshire as families enjoyed the hot weather at around 4pm on Saturday. A five-year-boy, named locally as Charlie, was discovered in the water and rushed to hospital but tragically died, police said.  Leicestershire Police have not revealed any details on the incident but confirmed a man and a woman have been arrested.

Sheena Thomas said her 11-year-old nephew was searching for his goggles when he felt the victim’s hair. She wrote on Facebook: “My 11yr old nephew pulled this lil boy from the water after feeling his hair whilst searching for his goggles he had lost.. This is properly something my nephew with never 4get…”

Lisa-Jane Wood, who says she is the boy’s auntie, wrote: “My understanding is he [the boy] asked if he could go play with his sister in the playground …¬†The believed he had gone to his sister. It was only on her return they asked where he was and she did not know. They went to the playground and he was no where in site.

“On coming back they seen (sic) a man pulling a child out of the water. They only know it was him because of the shorts he was wearing … It is very heartbreaking. He was gone for a maximum of 10 minutes it can take two for things to turn bad.”