Horrific Wildfires In Portugal Kill At Least 62 – Children Dying Trapped In Cars

Devastating forest fires in Portugal have killed 62 as many of the deaths were people incinerated after being caught by surprise and trapped in their cars. In what is shaping as one of the nation’s deadliest fire tragedies, almost 60 people, including several children and four firefighters, have also been injured as temperatures topped 40C yesterday.

One of the children was Rodrigo Rosario, whose grandmother said was found next to a car where his uncle had burned to death inside. They were found near the spot where the fire broke out in Pedrogao Grande in the centre of the country.

Officials were yet to officially name any of the victims, but three other children, all under six, are also believed to be among the dead. One is a three-year-old girl. More than 50 fires are said to be burning across the country involving about 2,000 firefighters after intense heat combined with strong winds to fan the flames.

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