Homeless Mum Kills Herself In Hotel Because She Couldn’t Find Her Family Somewhere To Live

A young homeless mum killed herself in a hotel room after trying to secure a permanent house for her and her two young sons. Tragic Danielle Carroll, 27, had been grappling with housing struggles when she was found dead in a room at the Leixlip House Hotel in Kildare, Dublin, where she lived with sons DJ and Carter.

She was discovered on Wednesday but in a cruel twist of fate, it has since emerged she had been allocated housing by South Dublin County Council. Her devastated mum Margaret revealed her desperate struggle to secure a permanent home for her family.

She told the Irish Independent: “[Danielle] had been on the housing list with South Dublin County Council l since she was pregnant with her son DJ.  Then she was trying to find a place on the HAP scheme and got a room in the hotel in Leixlip, but she found it very difficult there because the room was small and she had no cooking or cleaning facilities.”   She said Danielle had been seeking help for anxiety, and that her outlook had become “hopeless” because of her living situation.  The mum said: “She was struggling. She went off the rails with worry and she would say that nobody cared about her.

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