Holly Willoughby had This Morning viewers declaring “TV gold” had been made when she made a hysterical revelation.1holllyAs Holly and Ben Shepherd reminisced about the time she “welly wanged” – throwing welly boots, Holly made the hilarious blooper.

“Funnily enough, I’ve never willy wanged since then,” she said. The entire This Morning studio broke down into fits of laughter and while Holly was lost for words and couldn’t stop blushing.

Viewers of course loved the cheeky tongue slip, saying they were falling off the sofa laughing and branding the gaff “TV gold.” Kimmy tweeted: “think I nearly fell off sofa laughing..rewound it 4 times..especially at Ben laughing thought he was gonna wee haxx”

Perhaps the person who was effected the most by Holly’s willy wanging was Ben, who had to wipe away tears of laughter as he struggled to recover from the rude gaff.