Holly Willoughby was reduced to tears on today’s episode of This Morning.1holyyThe TV presenter explained that her cat Roxy that she’d had for 11 years passed away in her sleep yesterday. Holly was visibly emotional as she explained how it had affected her three young children. “For all of us it was a very big life lesson that they learned,” Holly said.

Ben Shephard, today’s guest host, wondered how is best to help children get through the loss of a pet. “You try not to dwell on it too much,” he said.

Holly agreed, adding: “When you lose a pe it’s really sad.” Holly said that her children had dealt with the loss different, explaining: “Belle was really wailing and Harry was really calm and quiet. Just before bed he said: ‘Have I been really brave today mummy?'”1catShe then had to wipe her tears away with a tissue. Viewers were moved by Holly’s news. “Poor Holly, what a beautiful little cat she was,” one posted, while another tweeted: “Feel so sorry for Holly, losing a pet is one of the worst feelings in the world.”