Holiday Stabbing Victim Begged: “Please Don’t Let Me Die”

For most teenagers, their first holiday without their parents should be a memorable one. However, for 20 year-old Callum Copson and his girlfriend Erin Brown, 18, their first holiday in Turkey is memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Callum was put in a medical coma for three days

Callum was put in a medical coma for three days

Their holiday horror began when Callum bought Erin a present, a handbag. When the strap broke soon after purchase, the couple returned to the shop and were invited to choose a replacement. When the shopkeeper asked Erin for an additional payment, she refused and asked for a refund instead.

Erin said: “When I said to him, ‘[are you] Treating me like that just because I’m a woman?’ that’s when he started throwing stuff, belts, bags, purses. He hit me quite a few times.”

Callum intervened at this point, standing between Erin and the shopkeeper, shielding her from the blows and missiles. Callum shouted at the shopkeeper, but was grabbed by men in the shop and a younger boy, aged around 14 or 15, stabbed Callum below his navel with a curved blade.

Callum said he thought he was going to die: “I just looked down and blood was pouring like out of my stomach, on my shirt my shoes and on the floor. I looked down and my intestines, like half the size of my fist were just hanging outside my stomach. The next thing I remember is me just lying on the floor, just conscious, not having any energy to speak, or move, or say anything. I just thought ‘I’m going to die, I’m going to die, please don’t let me die’.”

Callum was rushed to hospital and put in a medical coma for three days while doctors worked on his wounds. Despite serious injuries to his small and large intestine, colon, urethra and arteries, he made a full recovery. His girlfriend Erin says “He’s the luckiest, but unluckiest, boy I’ve ever met.”

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