“His Whole Body Shut Down” – Toddler Paralysed By Mystery Virus After Garden Collapse

A little two year-old boy has been left unable to move or speak after suffering a mystery collapse in his garden.

Billy Goulding’s father Victor explained: “Billy was out running around with his sister and his cousin in the garden and the next thing he just collapsed. His mum Eileen went out and picked him up and noticed he had got very red and hot so she took him in and gave him a shower.”

Little Billy was left paralysed after his mystery collapse

Little Billy was left paralysed after his mystery collapse

However as Billy’s mum brought him out of the shower: “one of his arms fell limp beside him and his head went off to one side.”

The tot’s family called an ambulance and Billy was rushed to hospital in Limerick and after suffering paralysis in his other arm and with his condition deteriorating, doctors took the decision to transfer him to Temple Street Children’s Hospital. Billy’s condition is so severe that he has now been in hospital for 12 weeks, unable to move.

The medical team at the hospital performed a series of tests on the two year-old, including an MRI and discovered “swelling on his spine from the bottom of his head to halfway down his back.” Doctors determined that Billy had contracted a virus, but that the system’s defence system, the antibodies, had not disappeared after dealing with the virus. Instead they turned on Billy’s body, attacking it from the inside.

Billy’s condition has improved slightly and his family are hopeful for his recovery. His father Victor said: “His bowels are working again and his breathing is getting better although he has a tracheotomy.”

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