Hidden Camera Catches Carer Stealing From Alzheimer’s Sufferer & Stuffing Notes In Her Bra VIDEO

A suspicious family were able to catch a shameless thief red-handed after they installed a hidden camera in the 90 year-old’s flat.

Sarah Leacy stuffed the £10 note in her bra

Sarah Leacy stuffed the £10 note in her bra

33 year-old Sarah Leacy was caught on camera stuffing a £10 note into bra at the flat of pensioner Monica Flanagan. Monica, who lives on her own in Putney in South-West London, has daily visits from a carer. The agency carer makes Monica’s lunch, assists with her medication and does some housework chores.

Monica’s son, Stephen, became suspicious when he noticed that £10 was missing from his mother’s cash box with no receipt of explanation. After he set up a hidden camera, he realised the shocking truth, when he saw the footage of two separate thefts on 13th June and 7th July.

After the police became involved, Leacy swore on her “nan and granddad’s ashes” that she had no involvement with the missing money. However, once she saw the footage from the hidden camera, she claimed that she had used the money to buy milk and bread on the first occasion and lavatory cleaner on the second occasion.

When asked in Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court if she had stolen the money, Leacy protested: “I’m not some kind of thief, I would never do that,” but when challenged as to why she had not returned the change, she broke down and wept: “I wish. . . I should have done that.”

Leacy was found guilty of both thefts. District Judge James Henderson said: “There was certainly a degree of trust, there was certainly a vulnerable victim. I am drawn to the conclusion that Miss Leacy did steal the two amounts of £10. She never wrote it in the book, she never had a receipt. I find both charges proved.”

Leacy will be sentenced later this week.



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